Capping Fascia in Isle of Man

Replacing existing timber fascias can be very expensive, and unless they are heavily rotten or damaged, it's often unnecessary. Replacing damaged and rotten sections with matching timber is usually enough to restore the structural integrity to your Isle of Man Property. After the wood has been treated to prevent further rot, capping fascia can be used to protect the wood and provide a pleasing finish.

Capping Fascia Benefits in Isle of Man

Capping fascia boards have a number of benefits. As they are made from waterproof UPVC, they form a barrier that protects the wood against water and rot. They also break the cycle of endless painting and repainting, too!

The underlying wooden fascia is still able to breath, as the capping fascia only covers the outer surface. This prevents any build up of water through condensation, which could cause rot.

Of course, to ensure good results, it's essential to install them properly. For instance, if the capping fascia is fitted over rotten timber, the rot will continue to spread through the wood. Our Isle of Man staff can provide you with detailed instructions and answer any questions you have about the installation process.

Our capping fascia boards are available in white. In addition to the standard board, there is an ogee variation. Both varieties measure 9mm x 5000mm (5m).

Other Capping Fascia Products

We offer a range of ancillary products, including 30mm and 40mm polypins, corner joints and fascia straight joints.

All of our products are built for strength and durability, and we use top quality Isle of Man materials in their construction. They are in full compliance with all relevant building regulations in Isle of Man and are suitable for use in new or old buildings.

The main benefit of using our capping fascia boards is a long lasting and pleasing finish. They require minimal maintenance and upkeep.

As our materials are tough and weatherproof, they can stand up to all the punishment the Isle of Man climate can throw at it, from rain to shine.

If you have any questions regarding our products, or if you need any installation advice in Isle of Man, please don't hesitate to call us. Our friendly and experienced staff have the answers to your questions.

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