Replacement Fascia Board in Norman Hill

Rot or infestations that affect a large portion of the fascia or visible roof problem such as inadequate pitch, lack of slate or tile cover into the gutter may cause extensive word rot in the affected areas. Premium Plastics UPVC replacement fascia helps restore roof strength, ensure overall structural integrity and longevity as well as aesthetic appeal of the Norman Hill house.

Replacement Fascia Board Options

Premium Plastic's in Norman Hill replacement fascia is available in three major types; these are square, flat and round fascia boards.

Replacement UPVC fascia boards in Norman Hill are available in five meterlengths. There thicknesses range from 9 mm to 22 mm with various widths available starting from 100 mm to 600 mm. Square replacement boards are available in dimensions of 22 mm by 5 meters while flat and round replacement fascia are available as 16 mm by 5 meter boards.

These boards come in five colours, which are white, mahogany, light oak, rosewood and black ash.

Replacement Fascia Board Uses in Norman Hill

Full replacement fascia boards help prevent future rotting because the plastic used does not rot as opposed to wood. These boards as such, offer added protection to the roof while also carrying the gutter system. They also support the bottom-most row of tiles and compliment the trusses.

They are made of UPVC, which is cheaper than wood as such is cost effective. The material is also low maintenance, does not flake, rot, rust or fade and needs only occasional wiping. UPVC replacement fascia is also very durable, comes with heat and energy insulation benefits and looks appealing.

Polyvinyl Chloride is one of the oldest polymers and gets even better with innovation. Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, which is an improvement of the latter, is durable and can last up to 20 years.

Premium Plastics endeavours to be the most competitive supplier of roofline services in the UK.

We maintain high levels of stock in Norman Hill for all our Replacement Fascia Board's. They are very popular with homeowners and construction companies in Norman Hill, so we have to keep a lot on hand so orders aren't delayed. We also offer free shipping to all locations in the Norman Hill UK area. To find out more please give our friendly team of Replacement Fascia Board experts in Norman Hill a call on 0333 121 1216 (Freephone).