Soffit Board's in Dordon

Soffit boards are an important and highly visible part of your Dordon roof line. You can see them when you look straight up, and from most angles on the ground. So it's important that they look good.

Why use Soffit Board's in Dordon?

But visual appeal is not the only consideration. Soffit boards have to be able to withstand damp Dordon conditions - water from rain and condensation can cause untold damage to the wooden components of your roof, and rot spreads quickly. That's why painting and repainting timber soffits is a vital chore.

Our soffit boards are made from strong, flexible and attractive UPVC. Because they are fully waterproof, you won't need to spend hours up a ladder in the miserable Dordon rain, clutching a paintbrush and cursing the old paint for cracking and flaking away.

Our boards are fully compliant with all relevant Dordon building regulations. Ventilation is especially important, to prevent the formation of humid conditions within the roof structure. We have pre-ventilated boards, which are the most convenient choice. Alternatively, we offer ventilation disks or strips, which can be used with our standard soffit boards. You can cut your own ventilation holes and use these accessories to protect them.

Soffit Board's Sizes

Our boards are available in several different dimensions to match your roof. If you have accurate measurements to hand, we can help you to select boards with the right widths and lengths.

You can choose from several different colours, including:

* White
* Black Ash
* Light Oak
* Mahogany
* Rosewood

We offer all the ancillary products you will need, including trims, poly pins, vent strips and more besides. If you're not sure what you need, you can call us for advice. Our sales team in Dordon know which components go together, and they can discuss your exact requirements to find the right combination.

Because our boards are made from very strong and durable material, we know it will be able to stand up to everything the weather in Dordon can throw at it. We offer a full 15-year guarantee on these boards, backed by our customer support teams.

If you need help choosing or installing our products in Dordon, you can call our staff. They are fully trained in our complete line and are highly experienced in their use. They can answer your questions quickly and to your full satisfaction.

We maintain high levels of stock in Dordon for all our Soffit Board's. They are very popular with homeowners and construction companies in Dordon, so we have to keep a lot on hand so orders aren't delayed. We also offer free shipping to all locations in the Dordon UK area. To find out more please give our friendly team of Soffit Board's experts in Dordon a call on 0333 121 1216 (Freephone).