Window Board's and Sill's in Broomhill

For price, ease of installation, and low maintenance, nothing beats UPVC window sills in Broomhill. And as many modern window frames are constructed from the same material, they coordinate together very well.

A wide range of Window Board's and Sill's in Broomhill

We stock a range of attractive UPVC window boards and matching accessories in Broomhill. We have square edged and bull-nosed boards, for your choice of effect. There is a range of colours to choose from, including:

* White
* Black Ash
* Rosewood
* Light Oak
* Mahogany

These boards are 5m long with a 25mm inside drop. You can choose from several widths, from 150mm to 400mm (between 6" and 16").

We have a range of matching accessories. These include window board channels, which are ideal for covering rough edges. We also stock matching end caps, with square or bullnose corners.

These end caps and board channels are available in the same range of colours as the boards, so they match perfectly.

Properties of Window Board's and Sill's

All of these items are made from tough, safe UPVC. We only use the highest quality UPVC, which means our window boards will retain their attractive appearance and will not fade or turn yellow with UV exposure from the sunlight in Broomhill.

While UPVC is cheaper than wood, in many ways it's a superior choice. It's more lightweight and easy to work with, and it's much easier to keep clean.

This material is completely safe for internal use in Broomhill, and can stand up to the expected levels of wear and tear. They are very easy to clean, as their smooth surface resists grime and difficult stains. Being waterproof means that liquids and oils cannot penetrate their surface, and dust wipes off easily.

Need advice on Window Board's and Sill's ?

Our friendly and experienced staff are available to help you find the right items for your requirements. You can contact them to get straight answers to your questions, or to help with advice concerning installation and maintenance of your new window boards. You can also place your order by phone if you prefer.

We maintain high levels of stock in Broomhill for all our Window Board's and Sill's. They are very popular with homeowners and construction companies in Broomhill, so we have to keep a lot on hand so orders aren't delayed. We also offer free shipping to all locations in the Broomhill UK area. To find out more please give our friendly team of Window Board's and Sill's experts in Broomhill a call on 0333 121 1216 (Freephone).